You Need a Stylish Power Bank

Power banks are extremely beneficial add-on tool for mobile phone users. This is precisely why more and more phone owners are buying because, on numerous occasions, it can be simply life-saving.

Just imagine the situation when you are expecting an urgent business call, and your phone goes off! Even the thought can burn a hole in your pocket. Won’t it be fun if you have an alternative to fall back on during such times? This is where power banks come to play and more fun when it comes in a stylish design.

Depending mainly on your handheld device and not having enough juice for the battery can be a major disaster. How else will you contact people for business or personal reasons when your phone is useless as it dies on you?

With that in mind, getting a stylish portable power bank for your device can be a major help to ensure long hours of texting, phone calls, or web browsing using your mobile phone.

Most end-users always opt for safety & reliability as their first consideration when buying power bank. Are you still wondering if you need to buy a good bank power but with lots of functions and stylish design? Awesome - this is definitely what end-users want.

They want the Uiee Charger Plus, a brand new addition to the Uiee charger family. It comes with a larger battery, plus a longer and better cable design while keeping the same, compact size. These stylish power banks are available in different colors so you can go for your favorite.

How to choose the appropriate power for a Power Bank?

To locate the Power Bank that best suits your needs it is advisable to choose one with the capacity at least equal to or greater than that of the device to recharge. If the battery of your device is 2200 mAh, a power bank with 3000 mAh power allows fully recharging about 1.4 times.

The Ampere indicated in the USB port of an Output Power Bank determines the speed with which the device will be recharged. In addition to choosing the right capacity, it is also important to pick a power bank whose output current is similar to that indicated on the charger of your device.

Should the battery be completely discharged before recharging?

Some device manufacturers recommend to fully charge the battery of the new device before using it, and sometimes even to wait until the battery is completely discharged before recharging. These are inherited battery warnings that are prone to a phenomenon called "memory effect," which reduces performance when the battery is not fully charged before being charged, and then recharged. The most concerned are Ni-Cd and Ni-MH technologies.

Lithium-based (Li-ion) batteries, the most common in smartphones, touchpads or cameras, are not affected by this. Recharging the battery without waiting for the complete discharge is therefore not very serious. It would even be advisable to prefer to the full charge cycles several recharges of short duration.

However, with UIEE stylish 2 in 1 Charger Plus, you have all the features combined in one product (i.e., charger and a 3000mAh battery) and there is no need to worry about having a separate charger and power bank. A sure deal for the money!