UIEE 2 in 1 Charger

Getting the right product means you will never get caught without power for your phone or tablet again with this combined charger and power bank. Recharge your device over USB and charge up the power bank, ready for on-the-go charging. Use it with all your USB-A charged devices including tablets, phones, and wearables.

When you cannot charge your USB device from your computer, simply connect it to this USB charger and plug the charger into an outlet. This convenient 2 in 1 power charger allows you to charge while storing a charge for portable use. Compact, the charger fits in your pocket, and you can carry it with you anywhere. Plug in your favorite electronics like your iPad, tablet, smartphone, iPod, etc.

Packaging and Portability

The ergonomics of the Uiee 2 in 1 charger is second to none as it is a portable, stylish all in one charger. On the go, at home or anywhere. A dual use charger combined in one compact and pocket-fit product. There are several products in the market, but the originality and perfect size the of Uiee Charger speaks volumes. No more worries about long, tangled cables or big, bulky power packs.

UIEE introduces this 2 in 1 charger that allows you to recharge your battery directly while also charging up its 1050mAh power bank backup. Thanks to its compatibility and easy folding features, the new Uiee Charger is a gem of technology. The fault that one finds with smartphones is the drop in battery level, just too short to make it through the day. Because of this, a 1050mAh backup power bank battery is there as a support, so you do not miss anything important!

Small, compact and lightweight, it will easily slip into a backpack or purse. This UIEE 2 in 1 super convenient charger ensures a fast charge wherever you are and recharges your batteries in no time. It comes with a retractable cord, as well as being offered in several stylish colors!

Relevant Information to Customers

Is it risky to recharge the battery of one device with the charger of another?

Absolutely no, there is no risk of damage to the battery. The UIEE 2 in 1 chargers delivered are "intelligent": they can detect a potential incompatibility of voltage and then adapt the power they produce. In practice, manufacturers protect themselves and advise to use only the charger supplied with the device. At the slightest problem, admitting that another charger was used could void the warranty. We also recommend against the use of low quality chargers of doubtful origin.

Is there a risk in leaving a device connected all night?

There is no risk, but for useless consumption, yes. Chargers consume low amounts electricity when connected after charging. Intelligent chargers like Uiee will stop charging once the battery is full but still consume some electricity. When the charging is complete, it is better to disconnect the adapter from the electrical outlet.