Top 5 Stylish iPhone Chargers

The daily use of our smartphones and other devices requires recharging more frequently. Different situations (at home, office, while traveling) warrant the need for recharging your device and these times can call for creative charging solutions. Here are the top five stylish iPhone chargers to suit your daily needs and gives you an outstanding smartphone experience.

  1. UIEE Charger (Cable Type) for iPhone

The Uiee charger offers a great experience for extended use of your iPhone: watching videos, surfing the Internet, etc. on the go. Its simplicity makes it our customers favorite, whenever the battery runs out you have one of two options – charge with the Uiee internal battery or charge the Uiee battery and the phone at the same time. A quick solution and a perfect replacement for your iPhone charger that got damaged or misplaced. A one-time experience with Uiee’s stylish iPhone charger allows you to have a charger and back up battery all in one - the perfect solution.

  1. Lightning charger

Lightning Car Charger from Belkin is the first Lightning accessory certified "Made for iOS" by Apple. The manufacturer emphasizes this point by extolling the surge protection offered by its product. But at a considerable fee, it comes almost systematically more expensive than an Apple Lightning to Apple USB cable combined with a conventional and more versatile cigarette-USB adapter. Belkin can, therefore, boast of being the first to market for Lightning accessories, but it can be thought that it will also be one of the last, and that, given their price compared to other solutions, isn’t the most practical choice.

  1. Multiple USB Ports Charger

Compact, family use, one to five USB ports or even travel: available for all needs depending on your usage. Within the range, the AC chargers are equipped with one to five USB ports. For the desk, the night table or purse, a USB port is usually enough. For couples, for a small trip or when you have two devices, opt for two-port chargers. Finally, for families, there are chargers of four or five USB ports capable of recharging all the peripherals of the house, simultaneously.

  1. Car chargers

Even in cars, it is now possible to recharge several devices simultaneously. Some manufacturers offer a comprehensive range of car chargers from one to three USB ports. As regards these loaders, the intensity and load speed rule also apply. There are for example USB car charger three ports, two of which deliver 2.4A: ideal to recharge iPad and even iPhone simultaneously and faster. This charging speed is all the more important when the car journey is often of short duration, and the device must, therefore, recharge as quickly as possible.

  1. Charging Station

Charging Station for Apple Watch and iPhone allows you to charge both iOS devices simultaneously with a single cable easily. The docking station incorporates a magnetic charger for Apple Watch and a Lightning connector for iPhone, all in a compact and minimalist design. The docking station uses the same magnetic technology as your Apple Watch charger.