Don't Get Hacked - Charge Your Phone with a Portable Charger

Hackers can use your phone while it's charging at Starbucks and other public outlets.

That USB cord plugged into your computer on a public wifi network provides the means to hack your phone, unbeknownst to you.

The solution for this security problem is a portable phone charger.

If you're working from a coffee shop or other gathering place with internet, like many freelancers, you'll be on a public wifi and need extra juice.

What is security and peace of mind worth to you? $5? $50? $500?

Many good chargers are available to fill this need. You can find them on Amazon for about $10 and up.

The Uiee chargers, though, are the most stylish (we may be a little biased) portable phone chargers.

While the Uiee charger doesn't have an enormous amount of battery, it packs a wallop in style. The retractable cord and foldable prongs make this charger super slick.

It's the two-in-one charge you need: charge your phone and your portable phone charger at the same time!

Charge your phone and your Uiee at home, then get that extra battery life exactly when you need it without the vulnerability of plugging into public outlets.

Convenience, style and peace of mind. All in one small circle.